Italian Wine Podcast: 1 Million+ Listens


First airing in March 2017, the Italian Wine Podcast (IWP) has entered its fourth year of broadcasting and will publish its 605th episode on July 7th, 2021. Originally conceived as a series of interviews with Italian wine producers at the OperaWine and Vinitaly events in Verona, Italy, the program has since expanded to include key players in the wine industry from around the world. In 2021 Italian Wine Podcast began publishing five episodes a week allowing it to showcase more content and reach a wider audience.

The Italian Wine Podcast channel has achieved 1,049,791 streams on SoundCloud, 23,700 on Ximalaya and 25,230 on Spotify. The high-quality content speaks for itself.

Italian Wine Club and Wine Business are Clubhouse rooms created and moderated by Stevie Kim. Respectively, Wine Business has 1,300 followers, and Italian Wine Club 1,900 followers. These sessions are recorded and uploaded to Italian Wine Podcast to reach more listeners. The topics vary from wine markets, grape varieties, wine styles, and trends discussed by recognised Italian wine personalities including Gabriele Gorelli MW, Pietro Russo, Andrea Lonardi and more.

Another summer special will be aired this week called, Ambassador’s Corner. Italian Wine Ambassadors and Wine Lovers get a chance to interview their favorite producers. This 30-minute episode gives a free hand for the VIA interviewee to ask any questions to the producer and is left open ended for listeners participate.

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