VinoKarma Conference: Reimagining the Future of the Beverage Industry


The VinoKarma Project, a community of leaders and changemakers committed to driving positive change in the alcoholic beverage industry, has announced its inaugural business and innovation event: the 2021 VinoKarma Conference.

Subtitled ‘Reimagining the Future of the Beverage Industry,’ the 2021 VinoKarma Conference is a hybrid experience being held on Thursday, October 28. More than 300 industry influencers, consumers, beverage executives; buyers, sommeliers, wine, spirit, and beer makers; founders and entrepreneurs will share insights and business ideas to shape the future of the beverage industry.

“It is time for change across the hospitality and beverage industries,” said Amanda Laden, founder of The VinoKarma Project. “The economic fallout of a global pandemic, systemic failure to engage and include diversity, plus dramatic changes in consumer expectations and tastes have brought the entire industry to a tipping point. We want to bring together voices from across the industry and challenge every attendee to shift their perspective and be ready to share ideas and learnings with their communities, employees, and organizations.”

The 2021 VinoKarma Conference will highlight innovations, changes, and opportunities facing the industry across its breadth from funding and capital to distribution networks, distillers, breweries, wineries, and vineyards, to products on shelves.

Amanda Laden concluded: “The VinoKarma Project has hosted innovators and change-makers including Ibram X. Kendi, André Hueston Mack, Jyoti Sarda, TJ Douglas, and Nayana Ferguson, and I am excited for us to lead more conversations on industry transformation and growth at the 2021 VinoKarma Conference.” 

More details at: The conference is open to speakers with expertise and unique insights. Potential speakers can email for more details and a speaker’s pack. 

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